The Discovery Program provides a highly specialized educational approach for students who are experiencing difficulty accessing their full academic potential due to educational differences, social emotional struggles, ADD/ADHD, skill gaps or other identified and/or unidentified learning challenges. Each child’s mind is uniquely created by God and for His purpose! The Discovery Program celebrates this uniqueness and utilizes a team approach to learning where teachers, parents, and students work in collaboration, following a detailed Student Learning Plan (SLP), to support our students. It is our overall goal for students with learning differences to become successful and independent learners who recognize their God given abilities and fulfill their God designed potential! 


HOW do students qualify?

The Discovery Program provides highly individualized support for students who meet San Clemente Christian School admissions criteria and have gone through the Discovery Program admissions process.

How Does the Program Work?

Every student in the Discovery Program is treated as an individual. Through a comprehensive process, a student learning plan (SLP) is developed which outlines specific goals, progress expectations, and necessary interventions.


what are the Associated Fees?

The Discovery Program has a registration fee of $250 per year, a $75 supply fee, and is either $400 or $500 per month (in addition to SCCS tuition) for the academic school year depending upon program level. Summer program extensions are available as well. Parents may opt to enroll in targeted parenting classes or consultation sessions to support the unique needs of their child.

How are Parents Supported?

Parents are an integral and valued part of the Discovery Team. They receive structured monthly progress report updates and are encouraged to reach out at any time for questions and feedback. Arming parents with knowledge and tools related to their child’s SLP is essential, therefore, parent education sessions are included as part of the Discovery program process.

Program Initiatives

  • Individualized intervention to address learning and academic performance in aone on one and/or small group setting.

  • A team approach to learning where teachers, parents, and students work in collaboration following detailed a Student Learning Plan (SLP) to support targeted goals.

  • A comprehensive approach to master foundational concepts in core subjects, improve underlying challenges in processing that impede the learning process, and generalize skills across all subject matter.

  • Multimodal instruction that integrates brain based learning strategies while utilizing multisensory methods, materials and instruction.

  • The option to learn and show what they know in a variety of ways: Auditorily, through sense of hearing; Visually, through sense of sight; Tactilely, through sense of touch; Kinesthetically, through body movement.

  • Applied social emotional learning instruction to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and make responsible choices.

  • “Out of the Box:” intervention to empower students to learn from mistakes, show what they know through creative expression, and advocate for themselves.

  • Neuroplasticity exercises to foster growth mindset (from “I can’t!” to “I will get there!”) and an anxiety reduction approach to learning and instruction through pointed instruction (i.e. visualization, mindfulness, coping tools and techniques).

  • Supports and/or accommodations that transfer to all learning environments

  • Rise and Shine! option to begin the day in a proactive, successful way.

We’re eager to Discover and unlock your child’s full academic potential.

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