San Clemente Christian School utilizes state-of-the-art technology to personalize the educational experiences of our students across grade levels. We believe that technology is a powerful tool that creates relevant instructional experiences by facilitating enriching, engaging, and varied activities that ultimately enhance each student’s unique learning process. Technology is richly integrated into the school’s curriculum and serves as a foundation for technology specific classes.


Equipment Provided

Teachers are equipped with 70 inch Promethean ActivPanels

Kindergarten Community has a Promethean ActivTable

Students in grades TK through three are equipped with I-pads

1:1 Chromebooks for students in grades four and up, and rotating Chromebooks for lower grades


Technology Goals

Technology specific goals and benchmarks are in place to ensure a progressively complex learning environment from grade level to grade level—all of which support and adhere to our overriding school technology goals.

  1. Students and teachers will use technology as a tool to dig deeper into God’s Word to understand how His word applies to their lives.

  2. Students will receive ongoing support in four key areas of learning: active engagement, participation in groups, frequent interaction and feedback, and connection to real-world scenarios.

  3. Students will collaborate with teachers, professionals, and peers to enhance learning.

  4. Students will learn how to take ownership of the learning process through the development of active and purposeful learning perspectives.

  5. Students will be provided with resources necessary to dig deeper into subject areas they are passionate about to further develop academic and learning skills.

  6. Students will have access to content from a variety of resources, presented in a variety of ways, and tailored to how they learn best.

  7. Students will learn how to use technology to acquire, evaluate, create, and share digital information. Students will learn how to best utilize technology and under what conditions in effort to promote well rounded digital citizenry.

  8. Students will be intellectually challenged while receiving a realistic snapshot of advanced education and modern workforce environments.

  9. Students and teachers will partner to explore appropriate current events as they pertain to lessons.